and her name was … odd

Just when I think I can endlessly procrastinate about tossing up my first “real” post, I was inadvertently kneecapped by an incredibly wonderful person who has no idea what her gentle nudge hath wrought.

We are long past the “Perky New Year’s Post” expiry date, yet I’m grateful that I’ve finally managed to blow the dust off my fingertips and type a word or three. February for most Canadians is a rather trying time of the year, and at this time last year our brains were in a state of deepest, darkest, permafrost. In southern Ontario it’s been eerily … pleasant. We’ve still had some cold days, yet the snow flakes have long since melted away. And that concludes the “Canadian Content” portion of this post, as us Canucks are unhealthily preoccupied with the weather. Last winter my 94 year-old father was sending me daily updates of the Boston Weather situation, because my father’s cable subscriber didn’t include local stations with his package. I wish I cared more about Boston, as I’m sure they care deeply about me.

Perhaps I will keep to the weather format for a wee bit longer, as I’m sure that my -3 readers are desperately curious about my emotional forecast. To sum it up as best as I can, my brain, she is a bit verklempt with occasional cloudy periods and a chance of periodic nuttiness. In other words, it’s business as usual for my grey matter. My saviour continues to be the marvellous Mental Health Peer Support Organization (MHPSO), which is a group that gives ‘the crazy’ a safe place to frolic, gambol and play. They are filling a cavernous void in the Toronto mental health care system, as highly regarded institutions continue to crumble under the burden of bureaucratic shenanigans and razor-sharp cutbacks. While its never a great time to be nutty, 2016 is a particularly challenging time to be … odd. This afternoon my psychiatrist told me to gird my loins, as he will be retiring a bit earlier than planned. He is one of the last of his breed, as he actually does old-school psychotherapy. I fear for his clients, and I’m a bit worried for myself too.

Phew! That was a whole ‘lotta kvetching, and will try to end things on a positive note. I’m learning good things, meeting wonderful people, trying to help whenever I can, and starting to understand a little bit more about myself. There is so much left to do … breathe.

Love and cocoa,

Half-Baked Broad






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